Scarlett Johansson age gap

Relationship age gaps in Hollywood are appalling

When you think about it, the relationship age gaps in Hollywood movies are seriously nuts.

Check out these graphs, courtesy The Mary Sue:

Scarlett Johansson age gap

Jennifer Lawrence age gap

Emma Stone age gap

There’s been a lot of talk lately (and rightfully so) about the significant age gaps between couples in movies. We even talked at length about why it’s so problematically portrayed and normalized in Hollywood films.

But sometimes it can be hard to visualize what kind of age gap we’re really talking about when we say twelve years, five years, or twenty-plus years. The folks over at Vulture went ahead and created these line graphs to help us really understand what kind of generational difference we’re talking about when we discuss these films, using frequent romantic leads Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansson, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Those are some big gaps there, friends.